Thursday, August 17, 2006


This post is put up as a warning about an author who poses as a Jack the Ripper expert named 'Stan Russo'.

..he has been importuning and stalking women along with a group of fruit-loop malicious libelling and stalking nutcases called 'Jack the Ripper' thugs for over a year now.

These nutters , bullies, thugs and their corrupt connivance is well exposed here. There are many people he's been stalking and harassing.

Stan Russo is a known plagiarist and violent lunatic. He is banned from numerous internet sites. He sends women writers fifty emails in a day, even though they try and tell him both he and his "work" are a complete waste of time.

There are numerous Police complaints about him registered in different Police Stations all over the world, from the UK to the USA, yet he unashamedly carries on.

His brain suffers serious perversions and distortions. His various outbursts can be found here. He has a severely derranged view of women, and appears to be obsessed with them having crabs in their vaginas. He obsesses about this time and time again. He is also frequently seen referring (in his own words to a female writer, which she handed to Police,) to 'gorillas masturbating'.

Unhappily no one has yet been able to obtain a restraining order against him.

A photo of him will shortly be added to this blog. In the meantime he is obsessed with referring to gorillas, and so herewith a picture of one, which we feel adequatley describes him and his nature.

It is important to expose this maniac; we are indifferent to his behaviours and his absurd assertions which now simply bore us all.